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You can probably cancel your gym membership.. Haha! During your session you can expect to be moving around a lot. I strive to create as much movement and genuine moments as possible. My goal is not to "simply" take a bunch of big smile photos of you.. It's to DOCUMENT your love, laughs, silly faces, and real moments together. It's to create a memory that you will actually be able to look back on and have a story to tell about it. TREAT YOUR SESSION LIKE A DATE!

my goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible so your photos are authentic as possible.


How to book:


2 Hour session

- 1 hour session time
- 1 Location
- Style Guide PDF + Amazon lists for outfit shopping
- Outfit changes welcomed (Pop-up changing tent included)
- Minimum of 30 edited images (No max)
- Digital download link for all photos in high resolution
- Full printing rights
- Free travel within 30 mile radius 


1 Hour session

the investment

- 2 hour session time
- 2 locations
- Style Guide PDF + Amazon lists for outfit shopping
- Outfit changes welcomed (Pop-up changing tent included)
- Minimum of 30 edited images (No max)
- Digital download link for all photos in high resolution
- Full printing rights
- Free travel within 30 mile radius 

1.) Submit inquiry form
2.) Sign contract
3.) Pay 
4.) Time to celebrate because you are

No problem! I've got you COVERED!
I know it can be overwhelming to style a couple, let alone a whole family. So whatever type of session you have coming up, I am here to help!
I have created a 13 page "Style Guide" PDF available for you to download as well as some helpful amazon lists to make wardrobe shopping as stress-free as possible!


No problem! I've got you COVERED for that as well! I come equipped with a handy dandy pop-up changing tent for all your wardrobe changes!


If you feel like getting a little adventurous for your session, THEN I AM YOUR GIRL! I'm always down for an epic adventure with epic people! Though I am based in Oregon, I am open for traveling and commuting to take your photos in a KICK ASS location! Why not get outside the box and make the most of your session? Remember, you aren't just there for the photos, you're there for the experience!

I offer free travel up to a 30 mile radius from where I am based! There will be a $0.60 travel charge per mile, outside of that.


Latourelle Falls

Columbia River Gorge

Mt. Hood

My goal is to document your authentic moments and connections. If you are looking for over-posed, fake smile photos. You are in the wrong place. When we work together I will guide you into genuine smiles, booming laughter, and soft moments. I strive to be nothing less than the storyteller of your memories. I want you to look back at your photos and feel like you're watching a movie scene of your life. ♡

You are a part of something much bigger than you ever could have imagined.


Select a question to learn the answer.

Great question! I am also awkward AF, which is why I'm BEHIND the camera!! When you feel awkward, our bodies naturally tense up and that makes for an oddly posed photo. Instead of posing you with still poses, I prefer to prompt you into moving around so you are free-flowing and loose! Between piggyback rides, airplane arms, neck kisses, and more. You won't even remember you're in front of the lens!  

I know that dressing and coordinating everyone can be a little overwhelming. Which is why I have made the perfect solution to ease the stress of prepping for your shoot! I created an easy to understand, "Style Guide" to help you out that you will receive upon booking your shoot with me!                                           

I do! Don't worry about it. I get it. Life happens.. Just be in good communication with me about what's going on and we can do our best to make it work!         

Heck yes! Are you kidding me!? TAKE. ME. WITH. YOU!!!

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Nichole & Brian

Bryant & Amarah

Check it out

Check it out

Check it out

Mountain Maternity

Dakota in studio

Bartlette Family

Josey & Caleb Maternity

Check it out

Check it out

Check it out


"Reesh was our photographer for both my husband and I’s engagement announcement session and our wedding ceremony and reception. We later had the pleasure of working with her for family photos. She gives great direction and has a calming presence- if you’re nervous to be in front of the camera, she definitely helps you feel comfortable! Her work is quality, and she listens to your ideas to help capture your special moments exactly the way you want them (or better than what you even imagined!). She has a great eye for details and can even make a stubborn 2-year-old look at the camera. She has been a blessing to have as our photographer and we highly recommend her!"

"She listens to your ideas to help capture your special moments exactly the way you want them"




"10/10 DEFINITELY recommend. We had our pics done and having our rambunctious boxer involved was a curve ball she handled beautifully. Because of that we have the best pictures ever. She made us all feel so comfortable, and we actually enjoyed the experience which says a lot for my camera-shy husband."

"She made us all feel so comfortable."

-Bryant & Amarah

"Our experience with Irecia was AMAZING! We went to a very nice location in the mountains where she was able to capture both the magic of the scenery and the magic of the moment. She was very fun and professional and also very flexible in her scheduling. In the end, the photos exceeded our already high expectations and I would highly recommend that you book Irecia if you are looking for amazing photos in a great atmosphere."

"Super creative and makes you feel comfortable"


"Irecia did our wedding photos! She was GREAT at handling my in-laws and made sure we got so many excellent images!"

"She made sure we got so many excellent images!"


“Amazed by her work, I booked a session with Reesh back in May. I was so nervous and overwhelmed, and I didn’t imagine my graduation session to be as fun and relaxing!! I spent a great time with Reesh. I really don’t know how to take pictures or pose for them, and Reesh was so great and patient with her instructions! Although the one hour went by so fast, Reesh didn’t rush us through the session and made sure that we got the wonderful shots I didn’t even imagine we’d get. She is both a talented photographer and an extremely cool, and kind person. I already know that I’ll 100% be going back to her to capture many more memories!”

"I didn’t imagine my session to be as fun and relaxing!!"


"“Reesh has done our Family photos and Maternity photos! She makes the hour go so smoothly and so fun! She has amazing ideas and is very creative with her work! Thank you for making me feel like a SUUUPA Model!”"

" She has amazing ideas and is very creative"


“Working with Reesh was one of the best experiences. She is so fun and easy to talk to. I was nervous when I got there but after talking for a smidge bit I was super excited to do the photos! I recommend Reesh over anybody any day! One of my favorite parts is that she updates and communicates with you about how the progress is going instead of leaving you hanging wondering when you’ll get your photos. 5/5 stars. love her work, and I can confidently say I have gained a new friend!”

" I recommend Reesh over anybody, any day! "


“Thank you for giving me something so rad to look back on when I’m older! I am so happy we did this shoot and just the empowerment I felt being a Mom of 2 and just being ok with all the flaws and feeling embraced, and all the laughs, and twerks, and the vibe you created! From the innocent to the more risqué you captured some pictures that I truly adore! Thank you so much!”

" ...The empowerment I felt"


"We’ve gotten our pictures done a couple times by Irecia, she’s so amazing! We have 2 kids and a puppy, and she tolerated and encouraged our crazy, unorganized family. She’s so sweet to talk to and makes taking pictures feel natural and easy. Highly recommend her!”

"She’s so sweet to talk to and makes taking pictures feel natural and easy"


"Where do I even begin!? We had SO much fun at our session! Reesh was funny, efficient, and great with our 3 crazy dogs. She got the CUTEST shots in just 15 minutes. Highly, highly recommend her!”

"We had SO much fun at our session!"


"The most amazing photographer I’ve ever worked with, had the entire family laughing. Will be booking with her for the rest of my life, 10000/10 would recommend. If you want to capture moments to keep for a lifetime, book with this golden souled beauty!"

"Had the entire family laughing"


"Reesh is an amazing photographer. She is amazing with all ages. She took pictures of both my kids and one at the time was only 6 months old, she managed to somehow get his attention better then I ever could and captured such beautiful photos! I highly recommend and will only be going through her for pictures in the future!"

"Captured such beautiful photos!"


"She was very sweet and made it fun! They were our first family photos, ever!"

"She was very sweet and made it fun! "


"Reesh is amazing at what she does! Super creative and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera!"

"Super creative and makes you feel comfortable"