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No matter what it is you're living your dream doing, there's other people out there doing it too. Branding yourself gives you a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd and throw your own perspective out there! Show them who you are! Show them why YOU are the one they should choose! Flaunt your quirks or wear a funky outfit to show your creative side! Whatever it is that you have envisioned for your brand, SHOW that through your photos. They are after all, the FIRST thing potential clients see when scrolling through your page.

Branding yourself is an easy and fun way to help you stand out from the crowd!

Why should you get branding photos?

How to book:


2 Hour session

- 1 hour session time
- Zoom or in-person interview 
- Outfit changes welcomed
- Minimum of 30 edited images (No max)
- Digital download link for all photos in high resolution
- Full printing rights
- Free travel within 30 mile radius 


1 Hour session

the investment

- 2 hour session time
- Zoom or in-person interview
- Outfit changes welcomed
- Minimum of 30 edited images (No max)
- Digital download link for all photos in high resolution
- Full printing rights
- Free travel within 30 mile radius 

1.) Submit inquiry form
2.) Sign contract
3.) Pay 
4.) Time to celebrate because you are

I know it's easy to ask a "friend with a nice camera" to take your photos or set up your timer on your I-phone in hopes to cut costs branding yourself.. but please... PLEASEEEE...


Your potential clients will notice.. When they see you are investing in your business and branding yourself as "Top notch" they will have peace assuming you will put that same kind of love, care, and attention to THEIR experience when they choose to partner with you.

People want to know you are just like them! Showing who you are as an entrepreneur is a HUGE deal when it comes to branding. You branding should FEEL like YOU! This should apply to everything from your photos, website, color pallet, etc. If it doesn't feel like YOU, then you are not standing out.

Branding photos are a great way to show yourself and what you're all about. When potential clients are browsing your website and see your photos, they feel an instant connection with who you are and if your values and style align with theirs. 

When people see YOU, instead of tacky stock photos, it immediately builds TRUST with them that you are a REAL person, with a REAL life, and a REAL purpose.  

I will show your core business values and style through your photos


Erika & BadAsh


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Check it out

Check it out


Tattoo Artist



Workspace or studio

It may be a tricky decision as to WHERE you want to have your session.. Should you do it in your own, organic workspace? (Which I find to be SO beautiful and interesting as a consumer) OR should you do it in a studio space?

I personally LOVE to see people's spaces, vibes and set-up's. It's a cool experience to see someone do what they love, in the space they love. However, I also understand that not everyone has a space. 

We all have to start somewhere, right!? ♥

Studio's also have a fun, creative atmosphere to them! Getting to have a blank space to style for your session with the things you create is such a fun experience! You can really get creative with such a big, open space. 

I would suggest taking a moment to reflect on your VISION for your photos. Are they organic and in your own space? A very personal vibe. Maybe they're not showcasing as much of what you MAKE, but WHO YOU ARE! In that case, a studio might be a great option so you can have fun experimenting with fun, editorial posing in an open, styled space! 

Whatever you decide, just remember to BE YOURSELF. 

Let's hear from them

of people said they would pay MORE for a brand that they TRUSTED. This is why it's so important to make a positive impact on your clients and always ask for reviews. Show that you're a real person just like them, and always put their client experience first. 

of people said that having shared values with a brand, played a MASSIVE driving factor in their consumer/brand relationship. This is why it's important to show who you are and why you do what you do!

of consumers say that AUTHENTICITY is an extremely important factor when they are choosing brands to work with or support. Get yourself in front of the camera. SHOW YOURSELF! After all, YOU are your brand. Be yourself and you will attract like-minded clientele.

Once you have submitted an inquiry form, we will set up a zoom (or in-person) meeting so we can go over all your ideas and I can get a sense of who you are as a badass individual so I can curate your session to reflect YOU as much as possible!

We will choose a date and location for your session as well as handle contract and payments.

Once you are officially booked with me, I will make a mood board and run it by you to make sure it's what you are going for!